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My Little Pony | For those who don’t know

SPOILER ALERT ON ALL MLP POSTS TO COME. Hello guys, welcome back! As I said before, I have a new but not new mlp obsession. I had this before but now it’s so much that I am going to include it in my blog to lighten up the mood! So, for those people who don’t… More

The Place I Love

I see mountains all around me Reaching the perfect blue sky Some wearing blankets of snow And some showing nothing else but rocks I see magnificent trees Some short, some tall Though not green, yet as beautiful as ever I see houses, some big, some small I see kids flying kites While bathed in sunshine… More

New Generations: The good change

In old times, people did not know much, in fact they did not even know about fire or what is fire! But the next generation discovered fire and the next one discovered how to light fire. Eventually, mankind evolved and invented matches and heaters. First, gas heaters were made, which are still in use, and… More


Summer is here, Summer has come Bringing all the joy along Kids are going outside to play, Enjoying the beautiful and happy day, Adults are enjoying their time outside, In a day so warm and bright, Bears are coming out of their caves, Flowers are blooming in everyway, Summer is here, Summer has come, In… More

Technology is making people lazy and less creative

Technology can be defined as science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. Computers, internet, cars are all technology. There systems seem very complex to people who know nothing about developing technology. Who ever wants to learn to develop technology must have one skill in particular, creativity. Creativity is… More


Writing is a talent which is present in some people and the others, if they want, can learn it. I did not learn it and I can write stuff like stories and poems, that means the talent was present in me. There are two things a writer needs: To know what interests him/her most To… More

An evening walk around Paris

I had an evening walk around Paris, I saw people playing tennis, I saw lots of flowers on my way, As the sun marked the end of the day, I had come a long way, And it was also time to pray, I decided to go back, Pray, have a cup of tea and some… More

Morning in Paris

Sun is up, Morning is here, Time to get up, to feel, see and hear, Feel the freshness in the air, Watch the birds fly from here to there, In the morning, the bell in the cathedral rings, Think of all the opportunities it brings, Rise above all your fears, Because yesterday is gone, Today… More


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