Education is the key to success

Education is about teaching, learning skills and about knowledge. Education plays a vital role in shaping successful people. Education is very important as it is the wealth that cannot be taken away from us at any time. Education teaches us manners, techniques, skills and cultures. We learn the way to tackle difficulties, progress towards a better life and to live with others in a society. Education gives us the strength to stand independently and face enemies and competitors bravely. Without education, we may be just like animals. Education helps us to take care of our health and future needs. The intelligence of people is utilized by educating them; and if not done so, it will stay raw and unused. Getting proper education is necessary for living a happy and successful life. Poor people who cannot afford proper education stay uneducated which brings them difficulties in their daily life. In this world, only a few are honest and good. Uneducated people are not able to differentiate between right and wrong and are easily deceived. When one has to work very very hard for education, most give up. But as Aristotle said:

The roots for education are bitter but its fruit is sweet

No matter how many struggles one may have to go through to achieve education, the award at the end is always better. Schools, colleges and universities, that teach well, have so much high fees that only rich people can afford sending their children to them. What about the poor people? Just because they cannot provide you with enough money to satisfy your thirst for it, are they not worthy of proper education?! How would you like it if someone told your children that because his/her parents could not give money to the school owners, they cannot enter the school/college/university and cannot get proper education? I suppose the school owners have not thought about this. Well, I advise them to. And I am sure if they did, they would feel completely humiliated. Perhaps if this happened to them, they would call the authorities (if they were rich) and bribe them to arresting the owner. None think of getting the school fees a little lower for the poor community. Well, thank Allah, some people have humanity in them and have made schools which are free. There may not be many free schools but at least there are some. I am sure, people all over the world are getting inspiration from the owners of these schools and maybe, sometime in the future, people will have more humanity than now and will focus on the poor people just as much as the others. And for those who have knowledge or who are gaining it, I have an advice, we must gain as much knowledge as we can and we must utilize it for the greater good of our society and this world.

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