Writing is a talent which is present in some people and the others, if they want, can learn it. I did not learn it and I can write stuff like stories and poems, that means the talent was present in me. There are two things a writer needs:

  1. To know what interests him/her most
  2. To have ideas

To know what interests him/her most:

Most writers have one problem when they start; What do we write about?! To know what interests yourself is very important. First you should decide what you are writing; an article or a story. For example, the writer chooses to write an article. The second step would be to make a list which includes the thing that you are interested in. But by that I don’t mean things like movies, music, biographies etc. I mean things more defined like what type of movies? Are they scientific or fiction or are they both sci-fi? Do they contain animated or real characters or do they contain them both. Well, I think you get my point. After this choose from the contents in the list. You can show the list to a family member or a friend if you want help choosing.

To have ideas:

To have ideas is important too. Suppose your writing an article on the topic ‘Internet’ you must have ideas on what your going to write, its advantages or its disadvantages or both and so on. Or else choosing the topic would be useless. And if your writing a made-up short story on the topic ‘Crime does not pay’ you must have ideas on what your going to write.

You must know what interests you and have ideas to become a writer. One last thing you need is to be an eloquent English writer.

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