Life of a janitor (more precisely a school janitor but most have the same life)

I woke up at 5:00 with a sad and heavy heart, knowing that my children will have to wake but be able to get no breakfast. They would not be able to go to school, like other children, even when their father works at one. They, however, are too small to understand what a janitor’s work at a school is. I next started my bicycle ride to the school. I arrived to see the school not so dirty and that made me relieved. I, without further ado, grabbed from the janitor’s room, all supplies I needed. I greeted my fellow janitors and we all were off to work.

   We completed our work when it was about 10:50. We were just about to sit down on the ground, when we heard a noise which was obviously made by a bell, a bell which said that the school recess had commenced. The second we heard the bell noise, we heard a hundred more. Those noises were of feet of the students who were hungrily rushing to the school canteen. We, once more, got up to clean the mess that was about to be made by all the snack-wrappers whose food had been eaten.

   We set out to work. We were of course exhausted after all the work but we knew there was more. Once we had taken care of all the wrappers and garbage outside, it was time to transfer the garbage of the dust-bins inside the classrooms into sacks so we could move the garbage to the larger dust-bins outside. We sat down for a second or so and then continued the cleaning. We divided the classrooms so that no one would have to do more work than the other.

   I walked and walked, climbed up and down until this cleaning was done. Our work, however, was not yet completed. The bell was, once again, rung, which meant that school timings were over, and the little students ran to the canteen and bought all they could, while the bigger ones came late and even some of them went to the canteen. Even though some students ran to catch a seat in their buses and some did not care to buy anything, there were thousands of wrappers lying on the ground until the school was completely closed.

   We, first, gathered all the wrappers at one place and transferred them from our sacks to the big dust-bins. Then came the time to clean all the dirt on the floors of grounds, classrooms and all corridors and the school was of course very big. We all, wanting to return to our homes, started to work as quickly as possible.

   The school was very big so, even with all of our help; it took four hours to clean it up. By then, it was 6:00. Now, that our work was complete, we all hurried to our transports to return to our homes. Some of us, including me, had bicycles, some, who had more money than the rest of us, had motorbikes and some had to walk home on their feet. None of us had cars.

   Well, I left and, because I was very much tired and could not paddle fast, it took me an hour or so to reach back. I after that went immediately to sleep. But that was yesterday. Today, the principal visited the school and we had to work even more. We got unlike yesterday, not even a minute’s rest. We had to keep the school clean because if the principal saw, even very little, dirt anywhere, we were surely fired.

   I heartily thank Allah that nothing of the sort happened because if it had, I never would have survived even a day. Well, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow, a lot of cleaning to do, so I better go to sleep or tomorrow I will be late.

Have you ever thought how your life would be if you had to clean other people’s garbage? We all would not like it, would we? So what about the janitors? This was not written after an interview or anything. I only observed my school janitors and this was their daily routine. How about, to make their life a little easier, we use dust-bins. It would be a whole lot better. It only requires a few steps towards the nearest dust-bin. If you don’t do that, only remember that bad times can come on anyone.

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