My Little Pony | For those who don’t know


Hello guys, welcome back! As I said before, I have a new but not new mlp obsession. I had this before but now it’s so much that I am going to include it in my blog to lighten up the mood! So, for those people who don’t know much about it, I’ll introduce it!

My little pony is actually a toy line which includes ponies of all sorts! But as I am a fan of the tv show, I will introduce that to you, k?

My little pony is a tv show which is set in a fictional country in some other world named Equestria. In that country, there dwell three kinds of ponies; unicorns (ponies with magical horns), pegasi (pegasus ponies who have wings) and earth ponies (just simple ponies who have earthly strength). These ponies are ruled by alicorns, ponies who have wings and magical horns.

There is not lots to say about the three kinds of ponies but about alicorns, yes. Aloicorns are the special kinds of ponies who have wings and horns. This kind of ponies are rulers and are mostly Princesses. But of course, they aren’t born Princesses. In the show, it is mostly unicorns who earn alicorn wings (which are different than pegasi wings) by doing some great princess-worthy deed. When the show opens only one Alicorn princess, the ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia is reavealed. In the first episode another princess, sister of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna is revealed. Eventually, however more come to the show.

Ponies also have a certain color scheme. Which. Is. AWESOME.

That mark just in front of the tail is called a Cutie mark. Cutie marks are another important part of the show and a pony’s life. They show what the pony’s special talent is. Princess Celestia’s is a sun because she raises the sun. Princess Luna’s is a moon because she raises the moon.

There are different cities and villages in Equestria but the ones most mentioned are Canterlot, the capital, and Ponyville, where Twilight lives.

Twilight Sparkle is the main pony, a unicorn, who comes from Canterlot but from the first episode onwards lives in Ponyville. There, she makes five friends.

That’s enough information for an introductory post. Later, I will do episode summaries and such stuff so you’ll get to know lots along the way. And I might skip an episode or two if I wont to.

19 thoughts on “My Little Pony | For those who don’t know

  1. Hi,Sarah!
    You know what? I’m a MLP lover as well! I have NO IDEA why I am ’cause it can be a bit embarising watching my favourite cartoon in a seconday school… I don’t know about you. hope we could be freinds, but I don’t expect it.
    Jade Reid

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  2. I’ve been a long time MLP fan since the late 80’s and a fan of all MLP gens. :3 I defiantly enjoyed Friendship is Magic and looking forward for G5.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am also looking forward for their toy-line as I love to collect MLP toys. I got a lot of G1 ponies along with some G3 and FIM ponies. :3

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    1. I like mlp! Not as much as my friend though. she is probably one of the biggest fans! I actually am a looot like Twilight.I love to read, I waaaay! overthink things, I am a organizer and i like to make lists.

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      1. Nice! She’ll probably like some of the previous MLP gens as they got a lot of variety of ponies(especially the toyline).
        I’m kinda like Twilight myself(big reader myself) along with mix of Pinkie Pie(baking) and Applejack(hardworker). :3

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