How I started digital drawing

Hello everyone today I tell you how and why i started digital drawing yes digital drawing anyway let’s get started with why

One day I was just doing nothing when my sister told me about how she had ordered a stylus online and i knew it was coming she then told me she wanted to do digital art yes for my sister it is digital art anyway i have always loved designing even more than reading and writing probably comes with what i wanna be when i grow up but that is why i thought this should be fun and i started

I hope my sister gets her stylus soon so she can show you probably what she comes up with

Why am i telling this because i think she needs some credit for introducing me to the idea

Now for the how

This is going to be short

I just use my finger and a free app called autodesk sketchbook introduced by my sister and i just draw

Thank you for reading sorry if it was irrelevant i have some stuff i wrote to publish so you can read some real posts

Also click on the first time i said sister to be transported to my sisters blog

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