Most random post ever?

This month is for random things? Next month i am going to post real stuff?

Do you read my blog? Why do you read my blog? What should I post on my blog? I made a post about old designs? Which one did you like? Should I switch back? I am going to? Okay that’s it? Bye?

New Generations: The good change

In old times, people did not know much, in fact they did not even know about fire or what is fire! But the next generation discovered fire and the next one discovered how to light fire. Eventually, mankind evolved and invented matches and heaters. First, gas heaters were made, which are still in use, and then electric heaters were invented, which are also used in the present. Because of matches, one can go anywhere with the easiest way to light fire. All one has to do is get some sticks and ignite a match and done.

The example above is only one , there are many other examples that tell us how much mankind has evolved. Let us take another example, when telephones were not invented, the only way of communicating with each other was to write letters. Letters took much time to reach their destinations and sometimes they did not reach at all. But when in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephones, communication got easier. Communication got even more easier when mobile phones, which were wireless, were invented in 1983 by Martin Cooper.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been through a lot. First man lived in caves, then they built houses from wood. Eventually they began making houses from mud-bricks. The new generations came to know more then the old ones. Every generation contributed in the evolution of mankind. The newest generation is better from all the rest and that is the good change.

Life of a janitor (more precisely a school janitor but most have the same life)

I woke up at 5:00 with a sad and heavy heart, knowing that my children will have to wake but be able to get no breakfast. They would not be able to go to school, like other children, even when their father works at one. They, however, are too small to understand what a janitor’s work at a school is. I next started my bicycle ride to the school. I arrived to see the school not so dirty and that made me relieved. I, without further ado, grabbed from the janitor’s room, all supplies I needed. I greeted my fellow janitors and we all were off to work.

   We completed our work when it was about 10:50. We were just about to sit down on the ground, when we heard a noise which was obviously made by a bell, a bell which said that the school recess had commenced. The second we heard the bell noise, we heard a hundred more. Those noises were of feet of the students who were hungrily rushing to the school canteen. We, once more, got up to clean the mess that was about to be made by all the snack-wrappers whose food had been eaten.

   We set out to work. We were of course exhausted after all the work but we knew there was more. Once we had taken care of all the wrappers and garbage outside, it was time to transfer the garbage of the dust-bins inside the classrooms into sacks so we could move the garbage to the larger dust-bins outside. We sat down for a second or so and then continued the cleaning. We divided the classrooms so that no one would have to do more work than the other.

   I walked and walked, climbed up and down until this cleaning was done. Our work, however, was not yet completed. The bell was, once again, rung, which meant that school timings were over, and the little students ran to the canteen and bought all they could, while the bigger ones came late and even some of them went to the canteen. Even though some students ran to catch a seat in their buses and some did not care to buy anything, there were thousands of wrappers lying on the ground until the school was completely closed.

   We, first, gathered all the wrappers at one place and transferred them from our sacks to the big dust-bins. Then came the time to clean all the dirt on the floors of grounds, classrooms and all corridors and the school was of course very big. We all, wanting to return to our homes, started to work as quickly as possible.

   The school was very big so, even with all of our help; it took four hours to clean it up. By then, it was 6:00. Now, that our work was complete, we all hurried to our transports to return to our homes. Some of us, including me, had bicycles, some, who had more money than the rest of us, had motorbikes and some had to walk home on their feet. None of us had cars.

   Well, I left and, because I was very much tired and could not paddle fast, it took me an hour or so to reach back. I after that went immediately to sleep. But that was yesterday. Today, the principal visited the school and we had to work even more. We got unlike yesterday, not even a minute’s rest. We had to keep the school clean because if the principal saw, even very little, dirt anywhere, we were surely fired.

   I heartily thank Allah that nothing of the sort happened because if it had, I never would have survived even a day. Well, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow, a lot of cleaning to do, so I better go to sleep or tomorrow I will be late.

Have you ever thought how your life would be if you had to clean other people’s garbage? We all would not like it, would we? So what about the janitors? This was not written after an interview or anything. I only observed my school janitors and this was their daily routine. How about, to make their life a little easier, we use dust-bins. It would be a whole lot better. It only requires a few steps towards the nearest dust-bin. If you don’t do that, only remember that bad times can come on anyone.

Technology is making people lazy and less creative

Technology can be defined as science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. Computers, internet, cars are all technology. There systems seem very complex to people who know nothing about developing technology. Who ever wants to learn to develop technology must have one skill in particular, creativity.

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is a skill which is present in everyone naturally but to make it able for use and to make it better, one can learn. Creativity is important and it helps us in many fields of life. Imagination is the most important part of a creative person. One who does not have imagination can never be creative.

People may think that technology makes us more creative, but actually, technology is making us more and more unimaginative. Inventing new technology is very hard so I do not think anyone can make more than two types in their whole life. After people hear new kind of technology has been made, everyone, especially the rich people, want to have it. Some extremely rich ones do get them and then its only them and the technology.

Lets take the example of tablets. The first ever tablet came out in 2001. In past times, children played outside. They had morning walks, they had exercises, they had runs. Nowadays, children don’t even go play games like cricket, baseball and football outside because they have tablets. They can just play online games or video games. Why go out and tire yourself? It is not only making us unimaginative, but also lazy.

When technology was not being used this much, people bought their small kids books, of ABC and 123, and blocks to help them learn. But now people just hand them tablets, in which games like ‘Dave and Ava Learn and Play’, have been installed. All that the children have to do is click a few times on the screen and sometimes drag their finger across the screen and parents call that the ‘learning’. Not only will that make your children unimaginative and lazy, but also will be harmful for their eyes.

In the end I will conclude that technology makes people unimaginative and lazy and is harmful in other ways.


Writing is a talent which is present in some people and the others, if they want, can learn it. I did not learn it and I can write stuff like stories and poems, that means the talent was present in me. There are two things a writer needs:

  1. To know what interests him/her most
  2. To have ideas

To know what interests him/her most:

Most writers have one problem when they start; What do we write about?! To know what interests yourself is very important. First you should decide what you are writing; an article or a story. For example, the writer chooses to write an article. The second step would be to make a list which includes the thing that you are interested in. But by that I don’t mean things like movies, music, biographies etc. I mean things more defined like what type of movies? Are they scientific or fiction or are they both sci-fi? Do they contain animated or real characters or do they contain them both. Well, I think you get my point. After this choose from the contents in the list. You can show the list to a family member or a friend if you want help choosing.

To have ideas:

To have ideas is important too. Suppose your writing an article on the topic ‘Internet’ you must have ideas on what your going to write, its advantages or its disadvantages or both and so on. Or else choosing the topic would be useless. And if your writing a made-up short story on the topic ‘Crime does not pay’ you must have ideas on what your going to write.

You must know what interests you and have ideas to become a writer. One last thing you need is to be an eloquent English writer.


Education is the key to success

Education is about teaching, learning skills and about knowledge. Education plays a vital role in shaping successful people. Education is very important as it is the wealth that cannot be taken away from us at any time. Education teaches us manners, techniques, skills and cultures. We learn the way to tackle difficulties, progress towards a better life and to live with others in a society. Education gives us the strength to stand independently and face enemies and competitors bravely. Without education, we may be just like animals. Education helps us to take care of our health and future needs. The intelligence of people is utilized by educating them; and if not done so, it will stay raw and unused. Getting proper education is necessary for living a happy and successful life. Poor people who cannot afford proper education stay uneducated which brings them difficulties in their daily life. In this world, only a few are honest and good. Uneducated people are not able to differentiate between right and wrong and are easily deceived. When one has to work very very hard for education, most give up. But as Aristotle said:

The roots for education are bitter but its fruit is sweet

No matter how many struggles one may have to go through to achieve education, the award at the end is always better. Schools, colleges and universities, that teach well, have so much high fees that only rich people can afford sending their children to them. What about the poor people? Just because they cannot provide you with enough money to satisfy your thirst for it, are they not worthy of proper education?! How would you like it if someone told your children that because his/her parents could not give money to the school owners, they cannot enter the school/college/university and cannot get proper education? I suppose the school owners have not thought about this. Well, I advise them to. And I am sure if they did, they would feel completely humiliated. Perhaps if this happened to them, they would call the authorities (if they were rich) and bribe them to arresting the owner. None think of getting the school fees a little lower for the poor community. Well, thank Allah, some people have humanity in them and have made schools which are free. There may not be many free schools but at least there are some. I am sure, people all over the world are getting inspiration from the owners of these schools and maybe, sometime in the future, people will have more humanity than now and will focus on the poor people just as much as the others. And for those who have knowledge or who are gaining it, I have an advice, we must gain as much knowledge as we can and we must utilize it for the greater good of our society and this world.


Internet is by far the most useful thing man has made yet. For kids, it provides games to play, cartoons to watch, stories to read and write, and children can also use the internet to find essays and information about various subjects for their school assignments. For adults, it has Email, Gmail and Hotmail, using which they can send and receive mails in very small time. Other than that, they can write blogs, fan fictions or even create a website. They can have online lectures of important subjects using YouTube.

By reading the above sentences, one can qualify that internet is a very useful invention, but it has its disadvantages too. Nowadays, kids use the internet very much, mostly for playing games and watching cartoons for long hours. The advertisements in the games and the cartoons may look harmless but they may contain content which you would not like your kids to see. Recently, a game named ‘Blue Whale’ was being advertised which looked like a friendly game from the outside but from inside it was very dangerous and it was full of violent tasks which could harm them very much. YouTube is a website on which people upload videos and earn money. The videos, however, may contain content which, again, you may not want your kids to watch.

Internet is ,of course, a productive invention but it has its own drawbacks. So, I would like to conclude the discussion by saying that Internet can be extremely useful if taken advantage of in a befitting manner, if not it can turn into a harmful technological monster consuming values, time and humanity.