The Place I Love

I see mountains all around me 
Reaching the perfect blue sky
Some wearing blankets of snow
And some showing nothing else but rocks
I see magnificent trees
Some short, some tall
Though not green, yet as beautiful as ever
I see houses, some big, some small
I see kids flying kites
While bathed in sunshine
I see flags waving in the cool breeze
Surrounded by the mountains 
Is the valley of Gilgit
The place I live in
The place I love

New Generations: The good change

In old times, people did not know much, in fact they did not even know about fire or what is fire! But the next generation discovered fire and the next one discovered how to light fire. Eventually, mankind evolved and invented matches and heaters. First, gas heaters were made, which are still in use, and then electric heaters were invented, which are also used in the present. Because of matches, one can go anywhere with the easiest way to light fire. All one has to do is get some sticks and ignite a match and done.

The example above is only one , there are many other examples that tell us how much mankind has evolved. Let us take another example, when telephones were not invented, the only way of communicating with each other was to write letters. Letters took much time to reach their destinations and sometimes they did not reach at all. But when in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephones, communication got easier. Communication got even more easier when mobile phones, which were wireless, were invented in 1983 by Martin Cooper.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been through a lot. First man lived in caves, then they built houses from wood. Eventually they began making houses from mud-bricks. The new generations came to know more then the old ones. Every generation contributed in the evolution of mankind. The newest generation is better from all the rest and that is the good change.


Summer is here, Summer has come

Bringing all the joy along

Kids are going outside to play,

Enjoying the beautiful and happy day,

Adults are enjoying their time outside,

In a day so warm and bright,

Bears are coming out of their caves,

Flowers are blooming in everyway,

Summer is here, Summer has come,

In summer the sun shines bright all day long,

Some say its lovely, Some say its not,

But I think its the best season of all

-Sarah Hania Afzal